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Making Dreams a Reality

Photography has been a passion of the company since the age of 9. Strong Pointe Co. was created with the eye of creative as its focus. Knowing that behind the camera is just as important as the photo begin captured. 

Photographer &  of Strong Pointe Co. 

Turning a Vision into Reality

Khalil's interest in photography became evident when he would spend time taking pictures and figuring out how his mother's Sony Cyber-shot worked at age 12. RDK Productions is a photography studio and digital media company. We aim to provide consistent, premium customer service so that our clients understand that we value them greatly.

Khalil Johnson
Creative Director and Founder of RDK Productions 

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Marilyn took her passion for cooking for loved ones to a new dimension once she opened Marilyn & CO. A full service catering and event decor company focused on quality products and affordable exquisite taste. 

Marilyn Clayton
Chief Caterer and Event Director
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